The 'ethos' of the ContractorSoftware is to win the job, ensure product quality, and ensure profit. This is achieved with well calculated, informed, planning and Job Management.

ContractorSoftware is a Secure, Desktop Based System. If required it can be expanded to web enabled device input and output, and/or MSOffice365 web, and/or the SharePoint Platform and Services. Data Security is paramount so data may be stored where and how desired.

Jobs may be Estimated, and Won, Scheduled and Managed. Cost and margin manipulations are clear and well presented. You Win before you start!    ContractorSoftware is a Job Management Tool that helps you win.

 ContractorSoftware calculates/produces Invoices, Time, Materials, Estimates (w/reverseCalc/IndustryNorms), Variations, Retentions, Schedules and much more.  Your Suppliers Invoices and Price Books are imported. Job Documentation is designed/imported and attached. More than 50 reports are available.

Our aim is to present the facts efficiently to further your profit. With the tools provided your projects will be delivered on time, and within budget, and be profitable, Management is the key to quality. Contractor Software is excellent for Jobbing and small - medium sized project work.                                   Contractor Software is intuitive and very easy to use. It will improve your effective Planning, Job management, Product Quality, and it will reduce Costs.

The data is presented in an informative manner, making it easy to understand what is happening in the field, Job Management is organized to save time and further your Product Quality and profit. It is built to suit the Jobbing subcontractor.
The live data may be compared with the comprehensive estimate details, the suppliers quote, and suppliers invoices.
All these features add up and improve your profit, while saving you time, money, and aggravation.

"The Software makes me money, I love it". - Mr Salve Natoli, Natoli Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                                            "It does all I need it to do, it's brilliant". - Mrs Adrian McGregor, Brian McGregor Electrical Services.

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Win the Job, Manage for a Cost effective Quality Product.
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